Melissa Nastasi Reviews Biomes

Mar 9, 2012 | Press

Erik Deerly is a jack-of-all-trades. He’s an artist, composer, and designer, and also creates soundtracks for film, dance and video. This will be noticeable right off the bat on his newest album, Biomes, which is indeed a sonic masterpiece. The accomplished musician has 10 records under his belt, as well as numerous videos and awards. This is not a shock at all, as what he creates are beautiful pieces of work, which stimulate both the mind and body.

Biomes is 9-tracks of perfection. Echoing tones fill the room with brightness and life, bringing every piece of music to the forefront. Kicking off the record is the phenomenal attention grabber, “Biome 1: Equatorial.” The song is filled with enlightening tones and light melodies that you will not soon forget. Following the incredible introduction is “Biome 2: Tropical,” which takes you on a musical journey throughout your mind and soul. Haunting female vocals resonate throughout the song as pounding, African sounding drums are present in the background. This is surely an audible treat for your ears.

“Biome 3: Subtropical,” is the next stage on the record, which starts off with synth harmonies and what appears to be a slight, deep flute sound. Drums are lightly hit, as the keyboards pick up the melodies and tones. This would be the perfect piece in an action movie, which is truly a compliment. The next track, “Biome 4: Mediterranean,” is the next song in your musical voyage as it appears to take you on a little trip to India. The gorgeous female vocals are accompanied by a slight, somewhat eerie violin, which seems to embody the song.

“Biome 5: Warm Temperate,” starts off with bright and bold synth tones that with enchant you to your very core. The truly unique piece is not only whimsical, but a true show stopper, with a hint of xylophone and a dab of flugelhorn thrown into the mix, you never know what to expect on this record.

“Biome 6: Nemoral,” comes into the scene with a striking tone and vocals which sound ghostly. The poignant track shows the inner beauty of the record, while providing a charming and enchanting element to it. “Biome 7: Continental,” continues the theme of elegance, with slight chimes, pleasant tones, and lightly hit bongos. This song will certainly become an instant favorite. “Biome 8: Boreal,” starts off with a stellar vibe of what appears to be reminiscent of an airplane flying over a waterfall. The sonic tones in this piece are absolutely stunning to say the least, as it gets more intriguing with every listen. Closing out the album is “Biome 9: Polar,” which opens with what sounds like chanting monks. This is truly an amazing experience, as you will feel like you are right in a church. Glazed male vocals take the track to a whole other level as you can feel every note that is sung.

Erik Deerly has truly outdone himself with Biomes. This truly astonishing collection of songs is one that will not soon be forgotten. Deerly is a talented man who has an even brighter future ahead of him. Allow yourself to follow him. He will not disappoint. I can’t wait to hear what Erik Austin Deerly has in store next. Give it one listen and you will feel the same way.

— Melissa Nastasi

Saturday, March 10, 2012

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