Apophenia investigates the human propensity to seek patterns in random information.


Algorithmic art infused directly into aluminum sheets, float-mounted to provide an elegant unframed experience. (2020) Available now at Saatchi Art.

Dysmorphia (York 2020)

Dysmorphia (York 2020) is a site-specific reconceptualization created for the 2020 York Art Gallery installation. (Tonmeister, 2020)

Exo Resonance

Six archival inkjet dye sublimation prints (50 x 30-inch) on paper (Epson Hotpress; handmade Uzumaki; Glassine), stretched on wood frames, backlit with super bright white LED strips, augmented with a two-channel video projection and stereo audio. (2019)

Perspectives 2021

December 30, 2020 – January 17

CICA Museum, South Korea

Blacksphere International Film Festival

March 8 – May 25

Praha, Czech Republic

Maracay International Film & Video Festival

June 21 – June 23

Maracay, Venezuela