Kristen T. Woodward Reviews “Databent”

Apr 11, 2016 | Press


These new Databent works entice the eye with their views of landscape in saturated hues, and interplay against the transparency of digital creation.  The technological evidence of manipulation is highlighted if not transparently observed through colorful pixilation and linear breaks in the open fields.  I find myself wondering if these works are intentionally challenging the viewers’ sense of beauty and artificiality, or if they are simply masterful compositions of light and texture devoid of extraneous content.

I feel the piece designated # 54 is especially strong, in its fluid gesture of deep green foliage streaking across a blue ground. There is the sensation of watery submersion below, perhaps because for the stretched horizontal orientation of the yellow lines and fading violet trails. The relatively open space in the center heightens the formal relationship between the two sides of greenery pulling and pushing away from each other. I also respond to the square format, which again challenges expectation about landscapes and pictures.

— Kristen T. Woodward, Resident Curator Artists2artists & Professor of Art at Albright College

Monday, April 11, 2016

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