Five Installations

  1. Dysmorphia Erik Austin Deerly 34:56
  2. Exo Resonance Erik Austin Deerly 13:00
  3. Multiverse Erik Austin Deerly 6:30
  4. Possible Worlds Erik Austin Deerly 5:11
  5. Studies of a Woman (in Variable Speed) Erik Austin Deerly 14:17

Tonmeister, 2019. Available in Apple Music, Spotify and elsewhere.

Dysmorphia (installation view)

Five Installations features the audio from Erik’s recent installation artworks. Dysmorphia first exhibited as a solo exhibition in CICA Museum, Gimpo-si, South Korea (2018). Supported by 5.1 surround sound, the work explores the moving image in a two-dimensional form, comprised of ten wall-mounted panels approximately 485cm (16 feet) across.

Exo Resonance was conceived and created during the fall of 2018, while on sabbatical. Comprised of handmade paper and colorful abstract prints suspended from the ceiling on wooden stretchers, in a configuration of six 50 x 30 x 1-inch translucent “kites.” This work is scheduled for exhibition in spring 2019.

Possible Worlds (2014), Studies of a Woman (in Variable Speed) (2015), and Multiverse (2019) are each ambient audio and video installations, from an ongoing series that has exhibited internationally. Multiverse is currently in postproduction.