Titles (left to right):

  1. Studies of a Woman (in Variable Speed) (2015)
  2. Possible Worlds: Mariana (2014)
  3. Path of Means (2013)
  4. Cursing Caleb Weatherbee (in a Tornado) From the Cellar (2013)

Ambient Video Art



Each of these works was created for looped gallery projection, with isolated open-air audio. Because each space presents a unique set of difficulties related to acoustics, space requirements, or available equipment, I routinely request access to create a site-specific installation of pieces such as these.



  • “Distinguished Artist.” ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal. 16 (2015): 36-41.

  • The Video Show — 3rd International Juried Exhibition of Video and Media Installation, North Branch, NJ (2014)

  • Terminal Physical Space, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN (2014)