A Sense of Place

  1. Buoyant Erik Deerly 6:10
  2. Entropy Erik Deerly 6:20
  3. In the Void Erik Deerly 5:06
  4. Tomorrowland Erik Deerly 4:56
  5. A Sense of Place Erik Deerly 7:00
  6. Blurred Erik Deerly 5:12
  7. Earth Dance Erik Deerly 10:19
  8. Via Shortwave Erik Deerly 7:28

Runtime: 52 minutes
Copyright © 2021-2022 Erik Deerly & Erik Deerly Studio.

Erik Deerly is an award-winning visual and sound artist, exhibiting across the Americas and in Asia and Europe. His work focuses on the exploration of synesthetic experiences and is driven by interests in perception, cognition, time, and movement. Erik’s range of work includes audio, film, installation, and expanded photography. Following the release and distribution of his immersive Apophenia project, Erik began composing this current body of work.