Apophenia is a five-section audiovisual art composition created for installation. As the title suggests, this work investigates the human propensity to seek patterns in random information.


Algorithmic art infused directly into aluminum sheets, float-mounted to provide an elegant unframed experience. (2020) Available now at Saatchi Art.

Dysmorphia (York 2020)

Dysmorphia (York 2020) is a site-specific reconceptualization created for the 2020 York Art Gallery installation. (Tonmeister, 2020)

Exo Resonance

Six archival inkjet dye sublimation prints (50 x 30-inch) on paper (Epson Hotpress; handmade Uzumaki; Glassine), stretched on wood frames, backlit with super bright white LED strips, augmented with a two-channel video projection and stereo audio. (2019)