Crosseyed and Painless (2017)

Crosseyed and Painless (2017) was inspired in part by waiting room television broadcasts. This is an interactive text-based piece created for public installation. A touch-screen monitor is used to allow viewers to switch between two channels: “Interesting Verifiable Trivial Facts” and “Interesting Uncorroborated Alternative Facts.” Once a channel is selected, data is randomly displayed indefinitely. Care has been given to fact-check each statement used in this work. All statements themselves were authored by others and have since been shared extensively. For the purposes of this work, citations are irrelevant and have been omitted. If you find a statement of fact that is incorrect or an alternative fact that is plausible you may note the number (upper right corner) and forward your request via the contact page. View a web-based version of the work here.

This series was disseminated as follows:

· Faculty Exhibition, Downtown Union Street Gallery, Indiana University Kokomo (2017)