August 29—September 21, 2019
PH21 Gallery (map)

Glitch: A juried international photography exhibition

Recent work from the Databent Series (2015-ongoing) has been chosen for inclusion in an upcoming juried international photography exhibition, held at PH21 Gallery in Budapest, Hungary.

All mental and physical processes are subject to errors, and photographic creative and technical processes are no exception to this rule. Photographers may carefully plan their compositions, but even the most thoroughly constructed situations might surprise us with some unforeseeable element. Analogue and digital technical processes are also prone to errors that modify the image in unexpected ways. Some types of glitches occur spontaneously, while others are intentionally prompted by using equipment or technology that randomly or systematically produces them. A glitch may occur in the theme, the production method or in the material of the image as well, and it could be present in the picture or in the viewer’s eye. In this call we understand glitches in a wide sense, ranging from the unexpected in the process of composing images to the technological errors that modify the final image in all sorts of intended or unintended ways.


Exhibition Dates: August 29—September 21, 2019
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